Changing Perspectives Again 2.3


- Added 13 new chapters totaling over 9,000 words of new content all centered around everyone's favorite wolf beast: Fang meeting a new companion and having some strange side effects to some new supplements...


- Updated a couple of chapter links to be slightly less confusing with new and future options.

- Fixed some minor spelling and capitalization errors on the special thanks page for some of my supporter's usernames. (Sorry!)

- Misc small minor editing fixes

<b>[Total current estimated word count: [61,000]</b></div>


CPA 2-1 Downloadable.html 732 kB
Aug 07, 2021
CPA 2-2 Downloadable.html 777 kB
Sep 05, 2021
CPA 2-3.html 831 kB
Oct 05, 2021
CPA 2-3 Downloadable.html 831 kB
Oct 05, 2021

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