Changing Perspectives Again 3.5

We’ve got another big Fang update this month thanks to another collaborative effort between myself and SomebodyAnybody! This time it’s a big one, coming in a bit over 10,000 words! Make sure to check out their gallery! If you like the content here you're sure to find something they've written you'll love as well. My goal is to try to get the rework of the intro chapters done for the next update though I know it’s gonna take a good deal of work as I’ll effectively have to rewrite pretty much the first 2-4 chapters in every single thread. But I think it will be a good thing in the long run.



- 8 hefty new chapters continuing Fang’s effort to adapt to his new massive, transformed self. In typical Fang fashion the moment he’s got some modicum of control what’s his first thought? Get even bigger. (Collaboration between myself and SomebodyAnybody) Here


- Minor grammatical and formatting adjustments - - - Total current estimated word count: [162,500] words


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Oct 14, 2022
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Oct 14, 2022

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