Patch 1.1.1 “Tiger Big, Tiger Mad!” Update!

Hey guys! we're finally here! The first major content update!

Here are the patch notes for everything that's been added and changed. I think you'll like what Dr. Gigus has in store for you.

And lets not forget some absolutely amazing fan art that a good friend of mine did of Alex: the main character which can now be found in the game itself! Enjoy!

Remember you can get access to the latest version of the game before it's made public here by subscribing to my patreon!

Patch Notes 1.1.1

“Tiger Big, Tiger Mad!” Update


Major content changes

-Added a major content update to Dr. Gigus; the tiger in the Mutagenics Lab. Finally, you get to see what’s going on after he shoots himself up with that mystery juice. Though the risk might not be worth it… Multiple new scenes with several different branching paths based on your condition and what you have on hand. (Sadly, no shrink ray interaction this time. But maybe in a future update!)

- Added the hidden elevator in preparation (See: as a teaser) for future updates

- Added additional details to the appearance tab for Wolf’s appearance when you have access to him

- Added an absolutely amazing character portray for the main character Alex, drawn by Vero (Their other works can be found here

- Split up and streamlined entering the Special Containment Vault as well as splitting up the entrance and the vault itself into two separate rooms

- Split up and streamlined the interaction with Dr. Gigus in his office to make it a bit easier on the eyes as well as fixing a few typos and grammatical errors.

- Split up and streamlined the interaction with Salem after he catches you in the size lab and you make a run for it to make it a bit easier on the eyes as well as fixing a few typos and grammatical errors.

- Added version number onto the sidebar UI to better track what version of the game you’re currently playing

- Added the Cheats menu for $10 and $25 tier patrons. More features will be added to it as the game progresses.

Minor Changes and Bug Fixes

- Altered the start page a bit to be a little bit better formatted and easy on the eyes

- Fixed inconsistency where Wolf’s canister would persist even after you had already interacted with it

- Removed a visible variable check during your return teleport home that was accidentally left over from testing

- Removed a random leftover </if>.

- Fixed some minor spacing issues with Wolf’s speech that was making it have uneven placement between regular text


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Mar 28, 2021

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