Version 1.2.1 "Size Change with Salem!" and Bug Fixes

Hey everyone!

Finally expanded a bit on a few of the options with Salem and filled out a few of those placeholder chapters. Getting the groundwork set up to really get the story to take off. <3

Patch Notes 1.2.1

“Size Change with Salem” Update! + 1.2.1 bug fixes


Major content changes

- It is now possible to recharge the depleted shrink ray by returning to the lab area where you first got it.

- Now when you end up shrunken around Salem the option to apologize and ask him not to hurt you is filled out with two different paths based on whether or not you have Wolf. One of which leads to a new ending.

- Now when you end up shrunken by Salem you can beg him for help and try to convince him to help you get back to normal.

 - Now when you accidentally enlarge Salem after the struggle you can choose to run away and leave him trapped inside.

- Now after being shrunk and shrinking Salem in retaliation you can convince him to help you get back to normal size!


Minor Changes and Bug Fixes

- Split up and streamlined some of the path of being shrunken and begging Salem for help to be a bit easier of a read.

- Split up and streamlined Salem’s willing attempt to return you to normal size to be a bit easier of a read.

- fixed a few spacing errors between the end of text and links to other sections.

- Fixed some minor spelling mistakes

-Fixed an issue with being able to confront Dr. Gigus again after locking him in the vault when not with Wolf

- Fixed several spacing issues at the end of certain passages (I Know they’re everywhere I’m fixing them as soon as I find them!)

- Split up and adjusted the introduction a bit more to be easier on the eyes.

- Split up and streamlined part of the initial exposure to Wolf at normal size.

- Split up and streamlined the first part of the struggle integrating with Wolf. Still working to fix some of the mistakes I made in the early stages of the game. Trying to fix at least two or three of these passages each patch.




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Apr 13, 2021

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