Scientific Espionage Patch 2.1.0 "S.A.L.I. Part 1" update!

Patch Notes 2.1.0


Major content changes

- The Robotics Lab is now available!

- New Companion: S.A.L.I. the Cybernetic AI! An alternative to Wolf that can be acquired in the Robotics Lab, assuming you don’t already have something else living in your head.

- Installation/Rejection by S.A.L.I is fully mapped out for whether or not you have Wolf in your head.

- Post-installation content is about 25% complete. The only current completed path is hacking your way to safety. The other paths are currently held by placeholders


Minor Changes and Bug Fixes

- Updated Special Thanks list with current patron supports. Thank you all so much <3

- Multiple minor spelling and grammar fixes

- Adjusted text size and bounding boxes of Wolf’s text and S.A.L.I.’s text to make it fit better on the pages and not take up so much space. 


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Jul 02, 2021

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