Version 2.0.1 "Ow, That Hurts!" Update!

Patch Notes 2.0.1


Major content changes

- Introducing the Injury System! Now depending on the path you take its possible for you to accumulate injuries during your adventures through the facility! As you gain injuries physical activity is going to become harder, which means some you might not be able to overcome certain obstacles if you’re too injured. What that means is some events might now have a status check on them. If you’re too injured it can change the outcome of the events. This is my first experiment with a statistics/characteristic type system. I’m still learning as I go. But hopefully this will be the first in several new systems I eventually plan to add to make the game even more engaging and interactive!

- Checking your appearance will now make note of your health and give you a bit of detail as to your current sate of injury and how debilitating it is.

- It is now possibly to receive a game over if your injuries get too bad! Be careful with all those scraped knees and stubbed toes!

- It is now possible to escape from Dr. Gigus even without Wolf’s help if you are healthy enough! If you’re not? Well…

- It is now possible to explore the security office! You are able to now sneak in and deal with the security guard on duty in several different ways depending on what state you are in and what you have at your disposal!

- The elevator is now accessible! It is currently possible to unlock the elevator to take you down to Sub-Basement 1. There are currently two different ways to unlock B-1. You can either get a keycard from someone else, or get someone else WITH a keycard…

- The Entrance area to B1 is now available! With sneak peaks to the four new major areas planned for upcoming updates. They’re just placeholders for now, but will give you an idea of what’s coming next!


Minor Changes and Bug Fixes

- Split up and streamlined the initial introduction to Dr. Gigus where he injects himself with the hulk serum to read and flow a bit better.

- Removed an under-construction tag and restart link to one of the chapters in Salem’s interactions that was left over from an earlier placeholder.

- Tried reducing the size of Wolf’s speech text effect. Still playing around with it a bit to balance getting it smaller with not breaking the entire text effect. Should take up at least a bit less space on each page now

- Fixed issue where leaving Salem trapped in the size lab did not properly block off access to the size lab, allowing you to loop the scenario.



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